Sync HQ

Sync HQ provides a fully automated solution to distribute audio programming and commercials from their source directly into each radio station’s automation system. Unlike satellite, which is a one way feed, Sync HQ also pulls scheduling and clearance data directly from the radio station’s pre and post logs providing a true, two-way, real time communication platform.

Ad agency media buyers, radio networks, station groups, and radio rep firms gain a new level of control with Sync HQ.

Place your media buy and watch it clear in real time. Sync HQ compares your insertio n order with the actual schedule to assure the highest level of compliance.

Traffic your creative directly to the station and make copy changes within 15 minutes of airing.

Sync HQ provides real-time monitoring that also includes tagging the source of the creative. Perfect for when different radio networks send the same copy to the same stations.

Sync HQ Features
  • Import/Upload Media Buy

    Import your media buy with stations and detailed scheduled clearance times.

  • Reports

    Clearance reports of “as aired” schedules can be created, 3rd party verified, and sent to one or more of a pre-designated group.

  • Late Copy Change

    Now you can change produced copy within 10 minutes of airing. Great for weather related last minute offers, sale date/time changes, catastrophe, etc.

  • Proof of Performance

    Our data comes directly from each radio station’s log with a timeline of data, and is Sarbanes-Oxley Compliant. Getting clearance reports can take anywhere from one week to a few months in some instances. With Sync HQ, you can now get the information the next day…or in real time.

  • Studio-Direct Ad Trafficking

    Upload your advertiser audio files, then select each station or group of stations to receive specific copy. Different creative for the same campaign can all be managed here. Special insertion order instructions can be included along with scripted tags for live reads.


Sync HQ provides advertisers and their agencies with a direct connection to every station’s automation console. Third-party distribution services are no longer necessary. Our Synchronizer software has already been installed in over 3,600 radio station studios with new stations activating every day. Sync HQ is a premium feature specifically designed to give advertisers direct control over trafficking their radio ads and monitoring their campaigns in real time.

Create your media buy in our dashboard or import it from your own software. Upload your audio file(s), select your designated stations, and send. Your ad is now in queue for airplay. It’s that simple. The potential for human error has been eliminated, and you maintain full control. Sync HQ provides a complete end-to-end solution with real time monitoring by market, station, day, daypart, and rotation control for multiple creatives and copy splits.

Sync HQ imports data from participating stations in near real time, and provides indicators to identify scheduling discrepancies before they occur so they can better manage their campaigns. Less errors means the advertiser gets a higher level of accuracy, and the radio station isn't beholden to issuing costly credits or make-goods.

Our real-time reporting feature provides advertisers with an up-to-date snapshot of their campaign before, during, and after it airs. Our reports include a variety of viewing options ranging from overall campaign health to a specific hour on a single station. Select the “compare” feature and see what was ordered versus what was actually scheduled to air, or to what has already aired. The media buyer and station can now reconcile faster with more accurate, real-time data.

Sync HQ makes Radio better for everyone, and provides a more competitive advantage versus other media.

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